What to do after you buy commercial insurance policy

What to Do After the Purchase of your business insurance policy or policies.

Commercial Insurance Brokers and Agents offering professional help. and service after you have your policy.

Your policies should be kept in a safe, but accessible place. You should know exactly where to find them in the event of a claim or for review. Keeping all policies together in a paper file or scanned to an electronic file saves time.

Whether you use a day planner, card file, or electronic files keep emergency phone numbers or claim contact information close at hand. Let employees know where to find this information. If using electronic files, consider a paper copy too. If the system is down, electronic files will be inaccessible.

Train staff on the steps to take and who to call. All this information should be added to your business continuity or disaster recovery plan. Talk with you commercial insurance agencies representative and review your policies periodically. Add an annual reminder to your calendar to review your insurance coverage’s.

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