Commercial Home Based Business Insurance

Commercial Home Based Insurance brokers and agents deliver simplicity for your business.


Commercial Home Based Insurance brokers and agents deliver simplicity for your business.
Business and commercial business insurance brokers and agents deliver simplicity for your Home Based Insurance needs.

A couple of options are available to a home-based business owner. Many homeowners’ policies allow add-on coverage (a rider, for example) for this type of business and will include liability protection from injury to a customer or employee on the premises. But, a traditional homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy (without a rider) will not cover small business activity. For example, if your home were to catch fire due to a short circuit in your business equipment, your homeowner’s insurance probably would not cover the damage, unless you had purchased small business coverage.

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The other alternative is a separate business policy. This policy is beneficial to those with more than one location for business or for businesses with product manufacturing in a different location. A product or property belonging to others, which is being repaired or worked on in the home, should be covered from damages such as fire, water, and theft.
Retailer liability insurance is similar to insurance for a home-based business, but with higher degrees of coverage. Protection from theft of inventory, credit card theft, or loss of receipts and coverage for a personal vehicle used in connection with deliveries may be needed for a retailer. Separate locations could be placed under one policy, but confirm with your agent.