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Deciding to insure is part of managing your risks. If a policy does not make sense from the standpoint of premium versus possible loss, then maybe the insurance is not feasible. If, on the other hand, the replacement cost or losses are significant and you cannot cover the costs or losses in order to continue business, it becomes a rational decision to purchase coverage.
Factors that affect your premium are the amount of the deductible, the coverage limits, and your credit.

For now, let’s focus on the first two factors.
• Deductibles are out of pocket expenses paid with each filed claim. The greater amount you are expected to pay, the lower your premium should be.
• Claims will have a coverage limit on the amount that will be paid. For instance, you may have $300,000 liability coverage per incident. Should a claim be filed, the insurer will pay up to a maximum of $300,000. Be certain the amounts are within reason for your type of business and that you are not buying coverage above or beneath your needs.

Your policy should allow for growth of the business. If you currently have one location, but plan for another, your policy should allow for this expansion. If the policy is new or recently renewed and changes are expected, discuss possible related costs with the agent. Certain policies may require time and cost to expand coverage. Ask your Commercial Insurance Agencies Broker about the impacts of your growth expectations, before you purchase a policy.

Commercial Insurance Agencies offer tips for selecting a Company and an Agent

Since insurance is protection, you want to know that you are getting the best. Imagine you have made a list of your risks, your liabilities, and what you can pay. Now you are ready to shop for the best policy and Commercial Insurance Agency. Consumer and business reviews in magazines, journals, and blogs on the internet are a start. Reliable and unbiased sources provide the best information, so investigate the source or writer. Learn to network with other professionals in your field. Read trade journals or publications containing information about insurance companies and small businesses.

Creating a spreadsheet can help to compare premiums, coverage, and deductibles. Across the top, list each item or event you expect to cover with the amount of coverage you need. On the left side, list the names of the companies providing quotes. For each company, move across the list and place a check under the coverage included in their quote. If all are equal, then which one has the best pricing? Know what isn’t covered before purchasing the policy. Uncovered events represent risks you are willing to take.