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If you business is one of those listed below we are able to easily quote and bind multiple types of business insurance for you.




Administrators/Administrative Services

Adoption Agencies

Adult Care or Day Care Centers

Advertising Agencies/Firms

Agents (Business/Talent)

Agents (Insurance)

Air Duct Cleaners

Amusement Parks

Animal Agriculture

Animal Hospitals

Animal Shelters


Answering Services

Apartment Builders

Apartment Buildings Management

Apparel Manufacturing

Appliance Delivery – For Hire

Appliance Rental

Appliance Repair

Appliance Store

Architects and Architectural Services


Asphalt Laying/Installation/Repair

Assisted Living Facilities


ATV Dealers/Dealerships/Sales

Auction Houses/Auctioneers

Audio/Visual Rental and Leasing



Auto Dismantlers

Auto Parts Wholesalers

Automobile Dealers/Dealerships/Sales

Automobile Detailers

Automobile Glass Replacement

Automobile Haulers – For Hire

Automobile Haulers – Not For Hire

Automotive Paint Shops

Automotive Parts Stores

Automotive Repair Shops

Avon Sales

Awning Installation/Repair

Backhoe Services

Bagel Shops/Stores

Bail Bondsmen


Balloon Ride Operations



Barber Schools

Barber Shops

Barn Builders



Beauty Salons

Beauty Salons/Shops

Beauty Schools

Beauty Supply Stores

Bed and Breakfasts

Beer Distributors – For Hire

Beer Distributors – Not For Hire

Beverage Distributors – For Hire

Beverage Distributors – Not For Hire

Bicycle Shops/Stores

Bike Repair

Boarding Houses

Boat Dealers/Dealerships/ Sales

Boat Haulers – For Hire

Boat Haulers – Not For Hire

Book Binders

Book Publishers

Book Stores


Botanical Gardens

Bottlers/Bottling Operations

Bowling Alleys

Brake Repair Shops

Brick Layers

Bridge Builders

Broadcasting Stations


Builders (Paving/Concrete)

Building Equipment Installation

Building Maintenance

Building Owners/Managers

Building Supply Stores

Building Wrecking Operators

Bulk Liquid Hauler (Food)

Bulk Liquid Hauler (Non-Hazardous)

Business Analysts

Business Consultants

Business Schools

Cabinet Makers/Installers

Cable Installer



Camera Stores

Campaign Offices

Camper Sales

Campsites – No Shuttle

Candy Factory

Candy Makers

Candy Stores


Car Dealers/Dealerships/Sales

Car Manufacturer

Car Wash

Card Stores

Carnival Food Stands/Trucks/ Trailers


Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Installers

Carpet Manufacturing

Carriers – Newspaper/Mail (Bulk and Residential)

Carry-Out Only Restaurants

Cartage/Carting – For Hire

Cartage/Carting – Not For Hire

Casinos/Hotel Shuttle

Casinos – No Shuttle

Catering/Caterer/Catering Manager

Cement Installation/Finishing/Laying/ Repair



Chemical Manufacturer


Chicken Catchers/Coop Cleaners

Chimney Sweeps/Chimney Cleaners


Civic Centers

Civil Engineers

Cleaning Companies/People/Services

Clearing, Land


Clothing Manufacturer

Clothing Stores

Clothing Wholesaler – Men’s Clothing

Clothing Wholesaler – Women’s Clothing


Clubs (Dance)/Bars

Cocktail Lounges

Coffee Houses

Coffee Trucks

Coin Operated Laundries


Collision Repair Shop


Commercial Photographers

Commodity Brokers

Common Carrier

Computer Consultants

Computer Manufacturer

Computer Programmers

Computer Repair Services

Computer Stores

Concession Stands Food Services

Consignment Shops

Consultants/Consulting Companies

Contract Carrier – Hauling Chemicals

Contract Carrier – Hauling Iron and Steel

Contract Carrier – Other than Chemical/Iron

Convenience Stores



Counseling Centers/Counselors

Country Clubs

Courier (Bulk and Residential)

Courts/Court Houses

Craft Supply Stores


Credit Reporting Agencies

Credit Unions

Crisis Centers

Custodians/Custodial Work

Custom Harvester

Dairy Farmers

Dance Studios/Dance Instructors


Data Processors

Dealers (Auto/Truck)

Dealers (Other Than Auto/Truck)

Debris Removal (Construction or Yard Waste) – For Hire

Debris Removal (Construction or Yard Waste) – Not For Hire

Demolition Work

Dentists/Dental Assistance/Dental Labs

Department Stores

Detectives/Detective Agencies


Developer (Paving/Concrete)

Diaper Service

Die Makers


Dinner Theaters

Direct Mall Advertisers

Dirt, Sand, Mulch, and Gravel Haulers – For Hire

Dirt, Sand, Mulch, and Gravel Haulers – Not For Hire

Disease Centers

Disinfecting Services


Document Shredding Service

Dog Daycares

Dog Groomer

Dog Obedience Schools

Dog Walker

Dozer Services

Drapery Cleaning/Cleaners

Drive Through Stores

Drive-In Theaters

Drive-In/Up Restaurant

Driveway – Laying or Repairing

Drug Companies

Drug Stores

Dry Bulk Freight

Dry Cleaning/Cleaners

Dry Goods Transportation

Dry Van

Drywall – Contractors/Repairmen/ Installers

Dump Truck Driver – For Hire

Dump Truck Driver – Not For Hire

Duplicating Services


Electricians/Electrical Repair/Work Contracting

Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics Repair

Electronics Stores

Elevated Highway Construction/ Overpass

Emissions Testing Facilities

Employment Agencies

Engine Repair (Auto)

Engineers/Engineering Services


Entertainment Supply Rental/Leasing


Equine Farm

Equipment Rental and Leasing Companies

Escort Vehicles

Event Planners

Excavators/Excavation Work

Exempt Carrier – Other than Livestock


Family Care

Farm and Garden Equipment Wholesalers

Farm Production Hauling (For Hire)

Farmers/Farming/Farm Hands

Fast Food Restaurants

Fence Installation or Repair

Financial Planners/Investors/Services

Fingerprinting Services

Fire Extinguisher Service

Fire Suppression/Sprinkler System Installer

Firewood Delivery

Fish Market



Fitness Centers

Flatbed Hauler

Flea Markets

Floor Cleaning/Polishing

Flooring/Floor Laying/Flooring Contractor

Floriculture Production


Flower Wholesalers

Food – Mills, Manufacturing, Refineries

Food Assistance Programs


Forest Rangers/Forestry

Foundation Work

Frame Work / Framing contractor

Freight Forwarders/Forwarding

Frozen Food Manufacturing

Frozen Foods Wholesalers

Fruit Stands

Fumigating Services

Funeral Director/Homes/Services

Furnace Installation/Repair/ Maintenance

Furniture Cleaning (Upholstered)

Furniture Maker/Manufacturing

Furniture Movers

Furniture Rental and Leasing Companies

Furniture Repair

Furniture Stores (Including Delivery)

Furniture Wholesalers

Gambling Casinos/Establishments

Game Parlors /Casinos

Game Preserves


Garage Door Installation/Service

Garden Supply Stores


Garment Pressing

Gas Stations

General Automotive Repair

General Contractor

General Contractor (Paving/Concrete)

General Maintenance


Gift Shops

Glass Blowers

Glass Work (Does not include glass block work; see Mason and Masonry Work.)

Glazer or Glazing Work

Golf Courses/Driving Ranges

Grading, Land

Grain Hauler

Granite/Marble Countertop Installation

Graphic Designers


Greeting Card Manufacturing

Greeting Card Stores

Grocery Stores – Retail

Grocery Wholesalers

Ground To Air Transferring


Gun Range

Gutter Installation and Repair

Hair Design/Dressers/Stylists


Hardware Stores

Hardwood Floor Installation/ Refinishing

Harvesting, Crop

Hauls Farm Goods to Market

Hauls Goods to Market – For Hire

Health Food Stores

Health Practitioners

Heating and Air Contractors/Services

Heavy Construction

Heavy Hauling Operations – For Hire

Highway Construction

Holding Companies

Home and Garden Stores

Home Appliance Rental and Leasing Companies

Home Furnishing Stores

Home Health Care

Home Heating Oil Delivery

Home Improvement Stores

Home Improvements Contractors

Home Theater/Sound System Installer

Horse Farm


Hospitals – Animal

Hospitals – Medical and Mental Health

Hot Dog Stands

Hot Shot – Automobile Hauler

Hot Shot – Construction Equipment

Hot Shot – Miscellaneous Delivery

Hot Shot – Oil Field Equipment

Hotel Shuttles

Hotels – No Shuttle Service Provided

House Leveling

House Painting

Household Goods Manufacturing

Household Goods Movers

Household Goods Rental and Leasing

Housing Contractor

Housing Developers

Housing Programs


HVAC Technician

Ice Cream – Carts/Trucks/Vendors/ Sales Sold From Vehicle

Ice Cream – Stands/Stores/Parlors – Not Selling From Vehicle

Ice Manufacturing

Ice Skating Rinks Services

Imported Food Stores

In-Home Food Preparation

Income Tax Services

Industrial Builder/Construction/ Contractor/Developer

Industrial Launderers

Information Retrieval Services

Insect Control


Insulation – Insulation Contractor Repairmen/Installers

Insurance – Agents/Brokers/ Companies Services

Interior Designers

Interstate Truckers


Inventory Services Investigators

Investment Bankers/Counselors/Firms

Janitors and Janitorial Work

Jewelers/Jewelry Stores

Jewelry Repair

Job Training Services


Junk Dealers

Junk Yards


Key Duplicating Shops (Locksmith)

Kiddie Parks

Labor Organizations/Unions


Land Clearing/Grading

Landscape – Landscapers/ Landscaping, Landscape Architects, Designers, and Planners


Laundry Delivery

Laundry Services

Lawn – Lawn Care, Fertilization, Maintenance and Mowing


Leasing Agents – Home


Legal Consultants/Counselors

Lending Institutions

Letter Delivery


Lie Detector Services

Lighting Technicians

Linen Supply

Liquor Stores/Sales

Livestock Farms

Livestock Haulers – For Hire

Livestock Hauling – For Hire

Livestock Hauling – Not For Hire

Livestock Production

Livestock Wholesalers

Loan Companies

Local Trucking



Lube/Oil Service Centers

Lumber Yards


Lunch Truck/Wagon

Machinery Rental and Leasing Companies

Magazine Companies

Magazine Delivery

Magazine Sales

Magazine Stands



Mailmen/Mail Carriers

Maintenance Person

Managerial Firms/Services and Management Consulting



Manure/Straw Removal


Marine Supply – Retail and Wholesale

Marketing Analysts/Representatives

Markets – Food

Mason and Masonry Work

Massage Therapists



Meals On Wheels

Meat Market

Meat Packing Plants

Mechanical Engineers

Medical – Buildings/Office/Labs

Medical Courier

Medical Equipment Wholesalers

Mental Hospitals

Mill Work Food/Paper/Material

Mill Work – Wood

Mini Marts


Mixed Trucking Operation – Private and For Hire

Mobile Billboards

Mobile Car Wash/Detailing

Mobile Food Kitchen

Mobile Home Builders or Repair

Mobile Home Manufacturing

Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Home Sales

Mobile Pet Groomer

Monasteries (Non-Livery)

Mortgage Companies

Motel Shuttle – Not For Hire

Motels – No Shuttle Provided

Motion Picture Companies/Production

Motorcycle Dealers/Dealerships/Sales

Movers and Moving Operations

Movie Theaters

Muffler Repair/Shops


Music Stores

Musical Groups/Musicians

Nail Salons/Technicians

Newspaper Companies


Newspaper Delivery (Bulk or Door-To-Door)

Night Clubs

Night Patrol/Watchmen

Nonprofit Agencies/Groups/ Organizations

Non-Residential Builder/Contractor/ Developer


Nurseries (Flower/Garden)

Nurses (Except Visiting Nurses)

Nursing Homes

Obedience Schools (Animal)

Office Cleaning

Office Equipment Supply Retail

Office Equipment Supply Wholesalers

Oil Change Service Centers

Oil Foreman

Old Age Homes


Organ Delivery/Transportation

Other Waste Disposal

Out-of-State Contractors

Outreach Programs (Non-Livery)

Over-the-Road Trucker

Owner Operators – Bobtail Coverage

Owner Operators – Non-Trucking Liability

Package Delivery

Paint Shops, Automotive

Paint Stores

Paint Wholesalers

Painter – Artist

Painter – House

Paper Mills


Parole Officer

Party Supply Rental and Leasing

Party Supply Stores




Personnel Agencies/Services

Pest Control

Pet Groomer

Pet Stores

Photocopy Services

Photographers/Photo Studios


Piano Tuning

Picture Framing


Pipe Fitters

Pipeline Installation (Public)

Planing Mills

Planners, Event

Plasterer and Plaster Work

Plastic Manufacturing

Plowing (Crops)


Polygraph Services

Pool Installation

Pool/Aquarium Cleaners

Popcorn Stands

Portrait Studios

Poultry Farmers

Power Liner Installation (Public)

Prepared Food Truck

Pressure Washing

Printing Companies

Private Investigators

Produce Farmers

Produce Market/Stands

Professional Organizations

Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Hospitals (

Public Relations

Public Utility Installation


Pulp Mills



Race Tracks

Radio Stations

Ranches/Ranchers/Ranch Hands

Real Estate – Agents/Agencies/ Realtors

Record Stores

Recycling Services (Bulk) – For Hire

Recycling Services (Bulk) – Not For Hire

Refinery, Grain

Refrigerated Freight

Rehabilitation Centers

Religious Organizations

Renovations, Home

Rental and Leasing Companies, Equipment, Supplies/Tools/Etc

Rental Offices

Repair Services

Research Companies/Organizations

Residential Builders

Residential Care

Residential Construction

Residential Developers

Restaurants – Dine In or Carry Out Only

Road Construction

Roadside Food Stands

Roadside Repair/Service

Rock Bands

Rock Quarry

Roof Painter

Roofing/Roofer/Roofing Contractor

Rug Cleaning

RV Dealers/Dealerships/Sales

Sales Representatives


Salvaged Auto Haulers – For Hire

Salvaged Auto Haulers – Not For Hire

Sanitation Services

Satellite Installer

Savings Institutions


Schools (Non-Livery)

Scrap Auto/Metal Haulers – For Hire

Scrap Auto/Metal Haulers – Not For Hire


Secretarial Services

Secure Document Storage

Security Brokers/Dealers/Traders/ Underwriters

Security Guards

Security Systems/Services

Senior Centers

Service Stations

Sewer Line Installation (Public)

Sheet Metal – Contractor/Installer/ Repairman


Shoe Stores

Shrines (Non Livery)

Sidewalk or Walkway Installation (Private/Public)

Siding Installation and Repair

Sign Companies


Ski Instructors

Ski Resorts

Slab Work (Concrete/Asphalt)

Snow Plowing (Commercial)/Contractor or Tradesman in Off-Season

Snow Plowing (Commercial)/Land Services in Off-Season

Snow Plowing (Residential)/Contractor or Tradesman in Off-Season

Snow Plowing (Residential)/Land Services in Off-Season

Soil Preparation Services

Souvenir Shops


Specialty Food Stores

Sporting Goods Stores

Sports Arenas

Spot Welding


Stone and Granite Distributor

Stone Mason and Stone Work

Storage Facilities

Street Construction

Street Sweepers and Street Sweeping


Sub Shop

Sub Truck


Surveying and Surveying Services


System Analysts

Talent Agents

Tanning Salons


Tax Preparation


Telecommunications Installer

Telemarketing Companies

Telephone Line Installation

Television Stations

Temp Agencies/Services

Temples (Non-Livery)

Tent Repair

Termite Control

Textile Mills


Thrift Stores

Tile Installation/Laying/Repair

Tinting Services – Auto

Tire Manufacturing

Tire Recycling

Tire Repair and Retreading

Tire Sales – Retail

Tire Wholesalers

Title Agents/Companies

Tobacco Manufacturing/Companies

Tool Makers

Tool Rental and Leasing Companies

Toy Manufacturing

Toy Stores

Trailer Parks

Transmission Repair/Shops


Travel Agents/Agencies

Tree – Trimmers and Removal

Truck Dealers/Dealerships/Sales


Tuck Pointing Contractor

Tunnel Construction

Tupperware Sales

Uniform Supply Services

Universities (Non-Livery)

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Repair

Urban Development

Used Car Dealers/Dealerships/ Sales/Lots

Used Merchandise Stores

Used Primarily on Farm

Used Primarily on Farm (For Hire)

Utility Installation (Public)

Vegetable Stands

Vending Machine – Operators/ Suppliers/Services

Ventilation Services

Video Rental/Sales Stores

Visiting Nurses

Visitor Centers

Vitamin Stores

Vocational Schools

Volunteer Firemen

Wall Paper Hanger

Watch Repair

Water Line Installation (Public)


Wedding Planners


Welfare Offices

Well Drilling (Oil & Gas)

Well Drilling (Water)

Wholesale – Other Food

Wholesale Sales/Stores – Durable Goods (e.g., tires, furniture, parts, appliances)

Wholesale Sales/Stores – Non Durable Goods (e.g., food, flowers, clothing paint, livestock)

Window Cleaners and Window Cleaning

Window Installation


Wood Worker (Not including wood floor laying; see Hardwood Floor Installation.)

Wrecker Service – For Hire

Wrecking Crews – Demolition


Yard Equipment Rental and Leasing Companies

Zoos/Zoological Gardens

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