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Business insurance was created as a way to protect insureds against the financial consequences of an unforeseen, potentially catastrophic loss. The number of covered perils has expanded and contracted over time to match the changes in exposure’s severity, frequency and ultimate costs, but the original concept of protecting the insured’s financial condition has not changed. However, insureds are not protected against every possible source of financial loss.

Traditional insurance policies contain a list or description of incidents, causes or results not covered. This is true whether a property or liability form and regardless whether the insured is a commercial or personal lines client. Exclusions always exist and there is a reason for each one.

The Peril, Hazard or Property can be Better Covered

Some exclusions exist because there is a more appropriate coverage form available to provide the needed protection. Money loss is excluded in the commercial property form because this exposure is better covered under a crime policy. Likewise, the use of an auto is excluded under the commercial general liability policy because the auto policy is the more appropriate place for coverage.

Property and liability forms both contain exclusions existing simply because the particular form was not created for that specific exposure. It is incumbent upon the agent to cover those exposures with the appropriate policy.

Price vs. Cost

Insureds can ALWAYS find a lower price – but at what COST? Understanding the Total Cost of Risk concept is important to both insureds and agents. Being able to distinguish between the two can save insureds in the long run.

Don’t misunderstand, there is a place for alternative programs and even some price comparison among the less sophisticated coverage’s, but don’t ever let the insured, or yourself, be fooled into thinking that insurance is all about price.

Insureds depend on their agent for protection, but too many agents depend on prices to close the deal and “win” the client. Winning on price can be a cheap and quick victory because making the “war” about price kills a majority of opportunities to establish a long-term relationship. Without a protection or risk management-based relationship, the agent will lose the client the same way he gained it – on price.

Insurance is not a commodity. Correctly designed protection in the wake of a major loss is the difference between the insured’s utter financial destruction and its restoration to financial health. Agents and brokers are and must act like more than mere “order takers,” they must be the professionals the insurance protection they offer requires.

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