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Online Business and commercial insurance brokers and agents deliver simplicity for your Commercial Automobile Insurance needs.

Many states also require autos to be insured for liability at a minimum level, whether the autos are used for business or personal use. In a business situation, you may be required to provide additional coverage and insurance for employees who use your personal or company vehicle.

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What are the Liability Coverage Types in Business Auto Policy?

Combined single limit (CSL)

Combined single limit combines property damage liability coverage and bodily injury coverage under one single combined limit. For example, an insured driver with a combined single liability limit strikes another vehicle and injures the driver and the passenger. Payments for the damages to the other driver’s car, as well as payments for injury claims for the driver and passenger, would be paid out under this same coverage.

Split limits

Split limit liability coverage policy splits the coverage’s into property damage coverage and bodily injury coverage. In the example given above, payments for the other driver’s vehicle would be paid out under property damage coverage, and payments for the injuries would be paid out under bodily injury coverage.

Bodily injury liability coverage is also usually split into a maximum payment per person and a maximum payment per accident.

The limits are often expressed separated by slashes in the following form: “bodily injury per person”/”bodily injury per accident”/”property damage”.**

** Source:

Prior to contacting state, county, and city officials regarding insurance requirements, you may want to make a list of questions.

An insurance guide is often available through your state government’s web site. You should also contact your state, county, and city with questions regarding obligations you may have to purchase insurance.

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