Commercial Trucking – Busing – Unsafe Driving Is Fatal

Lets all work together to keep our roads safe and our loved ones alive.

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Here are some recent statistics involving large trucks and or buses on our highways.

Large trucks and buses represent

5% of the registered vehicles in the U.S.
10% of the vehicle miles traveled
12% of the fatal crashes
13% of the traffic fatalities

 A recent US government report shows 649 crashes involving a large truck or bus claimed 4,161 lives lost.

701 of those lives lost were large truck or bus occupants.
3,460 of those lives lost were occupants of either a passenger vehicle, rider of a motorcycle or a bicycle or were a pedestrian.
7,486 total vehicles were involved in these crashes
3,978 Large trucks or buses
91 School buses
31 Motor coaches
3,182 Passenger vehicles
326 Other vehicles, mostly motorcycles
77 Bicyclists
438 Pedestrians
9 Persons on personal conveyances

At least 39% of large truck occupants involved in a fatal crash were not wearing a seatbelt.
In 20% of truck crashes with at least one large truck occupant fatality, the truck’s speed was a factor related to the crash.
61% of fatal crashes involving a large truck occur on rural roads.
30% of fatal crashes in work zones involve a large truck.
Approximately 50% of large truck and bus fatal crashes occur in 10 states: Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Indiana and Illinois.

Many things could have led to accidents mentioned above. However, Unsafe Driving Behaviors like those listed below may have contributed in some way.

Serious Traffic Offenses
Reckless driving
Following too close
Improper lane change
Texting and cell phone use

Major Traffic Offenses
DUI – Alcohol/Drugs
Refusal to submit to alcohol test
Felony use of a vehicle
Driving on revoked/suspended license
Leaving scene of crash

And the punishment for each offense.

Disqualifications (Serious)
2nd conviction – 60 days
3rd conviction – 120 days

Disqualifications (Major)
1st conviction – 1 year
2nd conviction – lifetime


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